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Learn about the rich history and flavour of Doi Chaang Coffee Co. Beyond Fair Trade.

meet our team

John A. Darch

1. My title in the company – CEO & Co-Founder
2. My favourite Doi Chaang Coffee roast is? And favourite way to drink it? – Our Single Estate Medium in a cappucino
3. I got started with Doi Chaang Coffee in – 2006
4. When I’m not at the office you can find me – Mountain biking or eating custard, Life is about balance!

Tristin Rogerson

1. My title in the company – Marketing and Media Coordinator
2. My favourite Doi Chaang Coffee roast is? And favourite way to drink it? – Single Estate Medium brewed in an Aeropress and a pot of Swiss Water Decaf Single Estate for the afternoon!
3. I got started with Doi Chaang Coffee in – 2016
4. When I’m not at the office you can find me – Riding my bike around the city, in the mountains, or at the newest eatery/cafe!

what we do

In British Columbia, Canada, our team is built up of a small group of dedicated individuals who truly care about Doi Chaang Coffee’s vision. Over the last ten years, the evolution of our company has provided Doi Chaang growers with a better standard of living, more diverse commodities for trade and the ability to unite with other hill tribes through their coffee academy and foundation.

Doi Chaang Coffee Co. is committed to strong community involvement and we are always looking for ways to connect with you. If you are passionate about a cause please share it with us and let us know how we can get involved.

We proudly support local community initiatives. If you or your organization is looking for fundraising opportunities or support, get in touch!


We strive to have Doi Chaang Coffee recognized as one of the finest coffees available, and its name synonymous with high ethical and sustainable business standards. We aim to create direct relationships with coffee farmers and enable them to achieve a sustainable and economically stable standard of living.

Company Core Goals and Values

Core Goals

  • Eliminate Cycle of Poverty
  • Promote Education and Health Care
  • Encourage Cultural Identity & Pride
  • Ensure Equality
  • Achieve Economic Sustainability
  • Achieve Economic Prosperity

Core Values

  • Seek Premium Quality
  • Ensure Quality Control
  • Sustainable Control
  • Invest in Community Sustainably
  • Always be Transparent
  • Always be Accountable

beyond fair trade

Our strength isn’t just the quality of our coffee – it’s also about our unique, strategic partnership with the Doi Chaang Coffee farmers, the Akha Hill Tribe.

Our partnership began with our unique 50-50 business model, an exclusive relationship where we would buy green beans at a significant premium to Fair Trade pricing and return 50% of our profits to the producers in Thailand. This partnership was more successful than we could have imagined. Over the last ten years, we’ve watched the village become fully self-sufficient. This has allowed our business model to evolve into a strategic partnership in which Thailand continues to focus on cultivation, processing, and sales in Asia, while we provide financing, marketing, roasting and distribution for North America and UK markets.

Beyond Fair Trade means offering beyond FairTrade premium prices and supporting a unique partnership with farmers. It means offering customers a product that is certified USDA Organic and of the highest quality available. Here at Doi Chaang Coffee Company, we cater to the customer that cares about the coffee growing process; from the harvesting of the beans, through the roasting process, and into their homes for their custom brewing enjoyment.

By being Beyond Fair Trade®, we can offer our customers an ethically-produced product that is good for the environment, good for the individual and good for the coffee-lover.

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