Nov 13, 2019

Doi Chaang’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

1. JusTea Purple Chocolate Tea

A collab with Vancouver-based east van roasters.
Did you know that all tea comes from the jade green leaves of the tea tree, except for purple tea? This unique variety yields beautiful, vibrant purple leaves! Grown organically, these tea leaves are naturally purple because they contain anthocyanins, the same super antioxidants found in other purple plants like blueberries and pomegranates. Similar to green tea, Purple Tea is very healthy, with little caffeine and an exquisite taste. Your JusTea purchase directly employs Kenyan tea farmers.

2. Lush Santas Workshop Bath Bomb

The elves have outdone themselves on this one. The mesmerizing turquoise and gold glitter of this crystalline beauty deserves a round of santa-plause. Try filling your bathroom with candles and imagine the flickering reflections are dancing off a maze of crystals and icicles in a magical cave. Then lay back and let the everlasting flower absolute, ylang ylang and tagetes oils fill you with pure joy.

3. Reusable Glass Straw 

8-inch glass straw that comes in 4 different colours and includes a convenient cleaning brush. BPA-free, non-toxic, non-porous and hypoallergenic. Both microwave and dishwasher safe. Handmade in California. 

4. Theo Organic Chocolate – Sea Salt 

Salty and sweet: Better together. Made from rich, organic dark chocolate with a pinch of sea salt, this bar is the perfect combination of flavors. Organic, Fair for Life, Non-GMO, vegan, gluten free.

5. Airscape by Planetary Designs

The original Airscape® coffee and food storage canister with patented lid actively removes and locks out air to preserve and protect freshness and flavour – we HIGHLY recommend this for coffee storage!

6. Doi Chaang 4-Blend Variety Pack

Here’s your chance to try all of our delicious blends. The variety pack includes one bag of each roast – Espresso, Medium, Dark and Light, so you can pick your favourite or share with friend

7. Miir Travel Tumbler

The Travel Tumbler keeps your morning coffee or tea hot or cold longer with a leak proof lid that prevents you from spilling your drink. Featuring double wall vacuum insulated design, this stainless steel Travel Tumbler will fit in both your cup holder and daily routine.

8. Hope Soap from Ten Thousand Villages

Wash away cares with this simple hydrating and soothing face soap from makers in Bangladesh. No chemical additives, 100% natural and as friendly to your skin as it is to the environment. Most Prokritee employees are women who are the heads of their households because they have been widowed, divorced or separated. With little or no income before finding employment with fair trade partner Prokritee, each bar of soap offers once-destitute families hope.

9. Camino Maple Hot Chocolate

Carefully blended fabulous local, organic maple sugar from Citadelle Maple Syrup Producers’ Co‑operative in Québec with fair trade and organic cocoa and sugar from our small‑scale farmer co‑operatives to make a truly Canadian hot chocolate. The result: a rich dark hot chocolate with just the right touch of maple. We hope you’ll love this delicious blend of co‑operative partnerships as much as we do!

Dec 23, 2018

Doi Chang Village Trip 2018



The Doi Chaang Canada team just got back from a whirlwind trip to Thailand – where we checked out the latest crop of DCC beans, learned about processing, and hung out in Doi Chang village; where all of the magic happens!

We landed in Chiang Rai and began the winding journey up to the village in the morning. Our first stop was a DCO Cafe in Mae Suai, where parchment from the village is brought down the mountain, dried on patios, and stored before dry milling. Once the parchment has been dry milled, the green beans are shipped off ASAP!


Next, we drove up the winding road all the way to Doi Chang Village, checking out the spectacular mountain views along the way. Our excitement started building as we noticed tea plantations, coffee houses and then, finally, those deep green arabica plants dotted with bright red cherries!

Our first stop in the village was the DC Caffe for a fresh cup of Thai coffee, and then we were off to see the washing station. The air was crisp and fresh 1300m up, and the washing station was even more impressive than it looks in photos. As it wasn’t running at the time, we got a full walk-through of the weighing station, the massive concrete tanks that the cherries are fermented and washed in, and the belts that take the mulch away to be used as fertilizer for new crops! Even when the station is closed, the air still smells of sweet, fermenting fruit. It’s amazing that using only half a litre of water, we can pulp 10,000 kg of cherries!

We continued on from the washing station, past Doi Chaang Original’s roasting facility, through the older, smaller washing station (which is still impressive), and to the rooms where Doi Chaang workers were hand-sorting green beans.

After a dinner filled with laughter and stories of the last ten years, we retired to bed in the guest homes, with our alarms set early to see the plantation.


We drove up to the plantation before the sun was too hot, and the farmers were already hard at work picking cherries. Besides picking only ripe cherries, farmers have to make sure they use the right technique while picking, or the cherries will not grow back the next season. It makes that morning cup even more special to know how much hard work goes into the very first stages of coffee production, and to know that the certifications we have and the relationships we’ve created with the village ensures farmers are earning fair wages and aren’t being exposed to harmful chemicals.

It was amazing, as people who have worked in the final steps of bringing coffee to the consumer, to be able to learn and appreciate those who make it possible for us to do so!  We’ll be heading back up in January to participate in the academy, where we’ll do two days of classes learning the ins and outs of growing and processing.