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herb, hidey leather, nut, chocolate. 

cofeA sweet taste with a hint of smoky flavour, it finishes with a hint of chocolate and macadamia nut.

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Premium Doi Chaang, long-roasted for a dark, exotic, unique cup.

About this Brew:

The same great roast you’ve come to know and love with a new look and size! We give our Doi Chaang premium beans a long slow roast to create a dark, exotic cup with an intensely bold richness. Vibrant with an earthy fragrance, our single-origin dark roast has a heavy body with a pleasant, slightly tart acidity

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340g, 2lb


  1. Paul (verified owner)

    I started buying this coffee at Costco. I liked the beyond fair trade concept. Now that I have done more reading on this company. I can say this is my best decision when buying fair trade anything.This coffee has not been available from Costco for some time now and I have not been very pleased to say the least. I am very happy to find that I can buy it here and FINALLY have an extremely good cup of coffee again. This coffee just can not be beat in my humble opinion. If you like dark roast try it I believe you won’t regret it

    • doi-chaang-admin

      Thanks Paul! We’re glad you can have your daily cup of DCC again 🙂

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