Wild Civet (Kopi Luwak) Coffee



Cup Notes: macadamia nut, milk chocolate & lemon


cofeThis roast produces an elegantly smooth cup with floral undertones. The finish is clean with a hint of lemony tanginess. If you are looking for a smooth, silky flavor, this one’s for you.


Wild Civet Coffee is the same as the well-known Kopi Luwak coffee, but contains 100% arabica beans and is collected only from civets that are truly wild.

1 tin contains 50g of Wild Civet Beans.



Tasting Notes

This roast produces an elegantly smooth cup with floral undertones that are quite pronounced in the aroma. There is a detectable macadamia nut presence, with a clean finish and a hint of tanginess on the sides of the tongue.

Doi Chaang Wild Civet Coffee beans receive a medium-light roast to maintain the unique, complex flavours that develop while the coffee cherries interact with the civet’s digestive system.

Truly Wild

Our Wild Thai Civet Coffee is 100% wild, cruelty and cage-free. We have worked with World Animal Protection (formerly World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). to help publicize this issue and to help make the public aware that when they buy civet coffee, they should make sure it is from wild civets – and not those kept in cages.



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