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cedar, black pepper, rosemary, with a rounding hint of dark chocolate

cofeKick into high gear with this full-bodied blend. Wicked Doi Chaang Thai beans blended with beans from Nicaragua and Peru. A deep, dark cup. Also available in aroma cups.



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Our Master Roaster doesn’t hook up with just anyone. On the hunt for ideal companions to blend with his exceptional Doi Chaang Thai beans, he picks only the world’s best fair trade, organic beans. Their happily-ever-after is your exceptional coffee experience for an everyday price.

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340g, 2lb


  1. damien1

    I am definitely a dark-roast fanatic. I have tried many different dark roasts but I find that Doi Chaang’s Hardwired is the BEST by far. As soon as I cut open the bag, the smokey aroma fills my nose. The darker roast really brings out the oils in the bean making them glisten inside the bag. My favourite way to make Doi Chaang Coffee is with a French Press. This method keeps the boiled water in contact with the grounds for a longer period rather than using a drip method which passes quickly through the filter. My spirit is also enlightened knowing that the people who do the hardest work are getting paid a living wage and that the money I spend goes back to the tribe making life better for them. If you’re a dark roast fan, this is the roast for you!!!

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